2016, the year of Motion Graphics!

2016, the year of Motion Graphics!

2016… the year of moving images

As we traipse into this new year of 2016, where the end of the Age of Pisces* wrought with values of superficiality with is nigh, and (wo)mankind faced with sore thumbs, I dare predict that we’re approaching the Age of Motion Graphics where there will be an enormous increase of media delivered to us via a simple deed of hitting >, ||, >> or <<.

I’ve spent thousands of hours researching, immersing and being a part of the creative media industry and I’ve experienced creating flash projects for Clients during the days of Macromedia Director back in the mid 1990s. I was project manager for a team of programmers, designers and visual artists and we worked on a project for a Sydney-based company which spearheaded Destinasi Malaysia for Tourism Malaysia. Little did I know then, that this was one of the core foundations of my journey in the creation of motion graphics.

Life after Macromedia Director was flat. I became more involved in print media, then online media until about 5 years ago when I dabbled back into video production. Today, I must say a stellar winning program is Adobe After Effects and I’m enjoying the discovery of more and more motion graphics works by artists around the world.

I recall an exhibition my co-founder and I attended at NVIDIA’s NVISION08 in San Jose, California. We had been sponsored by Intel and DISTech Malaysia to represent the country at the Electronic Sports World Cup. Our team, Kingsurf comprised of five gamer boys from the state of Johor and they were the masters of the strategic game Defense of the Ancients (DoTA). It was the first year our company (Go International Group) signed on as the Master Franchisor to hold ESWC in Malaysia, and we created many firsts that year. Kingsurf went on to win a Silver Medal at the global competition – sadly losing to our neighbour Singapore. At that exhibition, I witnessed first hand, a live show by the infamous Jamie and Adam from MythBusters where they demonstrated how graphic processing unit (GPU) works. Apt since the main sponsor was NVIDIA!

At NVISION, we also had the opportunity to view a mesh-up of videos at a demo party screening. Here’s one of the video mesh-ups. It was here, really, that I feel ‘awakened’ into this world of visual computing. And until today, I have this urgent desire to create in film, video and moving visuals format.

* The Age of Pisces is over. Pisces values are being wiped out, causing unprecedented change and upheaval in our lifetime. And we’re not done yet. The Piscean values of money, power and control are being replaced. They do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. Those values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. Source: http://www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/age-of-pisces.html 

Over the years, I’ve undertaken projects as the Art Director, Conceptualiser and Copywriter. I’ve worked with dozens of freelancers from around the region and there is still no science around human relationships. Each person has a different motive, and it takes experience to hone all of those design as well as human assets together, to effect 30-seconds of message-driven creativity. Banal videos bore me.

I’m happy to share the kind of motion graphics that really speaks to me (personally). One that infuses creativity that excite your imagination using scientifically experiments. Enjoy CYMATICS by Nigel Stanford and watch this space for more motion graphic projects!