Animated Infographics

Our team can bring your web content alive using animation. Depending on what you need; Motion Graphics, Animated Explainer Videos, Interactive Infographics or Text Animation on Photos, we can help simplify your ideas into Animated Infographics to present information clearly within seconds. Infographics make it so much easier for your customers to understand what you do in 90-seconds or less!
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  • 30-minutes on-site meeting (or Skype-call) to understand your business. This is where you brief me on the message you'd like delivered to your customers using Animated Content, or Animated Infographics.
  • Research and understanding your business
  • Storyboard planning
  • A proposal and delivery schedule
  • Confirmation on proposal / amendments
  • Collating of design materials (This is where you provide me with all design assets and vector graphics or any other .jpg/.png/.gif files)
  • Confirmation on text copy and design assets
  • Animation and Editing
  • Drafts 1, 2, 3
  • Estimate time including briefing, research, proposal writing and consultation time, copywriting, design, animation, editing, beta-testing: 40-hours depending upon complexity of subject matter.
  • Total turnaround time: 14-days upon confirmation
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